The Online Books use a stylesheet to control the way they are displayed. Stylesheets are used by Microsoft® Internet Explorer versions 3 and later, Netscape® Navigator version 4, and other recent browsers. If your browser doesn't support stylesheets, then it will simply ignore it.

You can disable the stylesheet or change it to suit your own demands.

Disabling Style Sheets

You may want to disable the stylesheets for any of the following reasons:

To disable the style sheet in Netscape Navigator 4, click Edit, Preferences, then click on the word Advanced in the tree view on the left. (You must click on the word.) Now uncheck the "Enable style sheets" checkbox.

To disable the style sheet in Internet Explorer 4 or later, click View, Internet Options, then click the button Accessibility. Check the two checkboxes "Ignore font styles" and "Ignore font sizes".

Changing Styles

If you have copied the online books off the CD onto a hard drive, you can change the viewing style simply by editing the file mfstyle.css. Changing this one file will change the display style for all of the online books.

It would take too long to try and explain here the syntax of the style specifications. You can probably work out how to change typeface or font size just by looking at the file. For anything more advanced, please refer to the latest HTML specification.

Other Problems

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