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Chapter 21: Error Messages

This chapter lists the error messages that might be returned while you are developing your Dialog System program.

21.1 Run-time System Error Messages

The following error messages are returned by the Dialog System Run-time System software. If errors are detected while you are running your program through the trap screen, the error message number appears in the error code field and the message is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

There are two types of run-time system error messages: recoverable and fatal. Recoverable errors can be trapped in your program, so you can take corrective action and continue to run the program. Fatal errors cause a message to be sent to the screen then terminate your program immediately. Although you cannot recover from a fatal error during the run of your program, once it has terminated, you might be able to rectify the conditions that caused the error.

Screenset not initialized (fatal)
Cannot open screenset (fatal)
 Error reading file (fatal)
Invalid screenset (fatal)
 Cannot create panel (fatal)
 Dynamic internal error (fatal)
 Invalid function code (fatal)
 Invalid procedure number (recoverable)
 Validation program error (fatal)
 Invalid data block version number (fatal)
 Panel limit reached (fatal)
 Error file missing (fatal)
 Subscript error (fatal)
 Procedure stack overflow (fatal)
 Ctrl-break pressed (recoverable)
 Error on trace file (fatal)
Screenset not found (fatal)

21.2 Definition Time Error Messages

The following error messages are produced by the Dialog System definition software.

21.2.1 Data Definition

Cannot change format – field in group
Cannot change format – field in use
Cannot change format of validated field
Cannot change length – field in group
Cannot change length – field in use
Cannot decrease repeats – field(s) in use
Decimal length cannot be specified for this type
Error field already defined
Error field cannot repeat
Error field must be alphanumeric
Field(s) in copied or cut block
Field length cannot be zero
Field used in dialog
Field used on at least one panel
Group already defined
Group empty. Exiting now will convert group to text type. Are you sure? Y/N
Group must repeat at least once
Integer length cannot be greater than 18
Integer length cannot be zero
Numeric length cannot be greater than 18
Only A, S, X, 9 allowed for field format
Only space valid for field comp with A format
Only space, CX, or C5 valid for field comp with X format
Only space, C, CX, C3, C5 valid for field comp
Only space, C, C3, C5 valid for field comp with S format
Only 255 groups may be defined
Only 512 fields may be defined
Spaces not allowed in field name
This field has already been defined
This is not a group
Validation not possible for error field

21.2.2 Validation Definition

Divisor must be greater than zero
Internal memory error occurred
No more room in the list
Upper limit must be greater than the lower limit

21.2.3 Error Message Definition

Corrupted File
Incorrect File Type
Invalid error msg number
Invalid File Name
No place to duplicate
No place to insert
Nothing to restore

21.2.4 Panel Field Definition

Attempt to overwrite an existing field or group
Cannot insert on an existing field
Cannot insert on an existing group
Ctrl+End not allowed from this screen
Decimal length not allowed with integer length zero
Error deleting field
Field cannot be positioned off the screen
Field length must be shorter than in the data block
Field stack is empty
Field stack is full
Groups must be modified in group maintenance
Internal system error
Invalid decimal length
Invalid length
Length cannot be zero
Not positioned on a field
Scrolling not allowed on an output field
User formats cannot be specified for output fields

21.2.5 Panel Group Definition

Group cannot be expanded any more
Group cannot be reduced any more
Group cannot overlap a field
Group cannot overlap another group
Group max size cannot be exceeded
Group used in dialog
Invalid group name
Name already used in screenset

21.2.6 Dialog Definition

Alphanumeric literal invalid here
A select bar has not been defined for this group
Dialog not allowed after GOP, POP, BP, or POPGOP
Invalid combination of operands for MOVE
Invalid comparison of operands
Invalid field subscript
Invalid Function
Invalid key entry
Invalid parameter
Key entry cannot be blank
Key has already been defined
No global procedures have been defined
No groups have been defined
No local procedures have been defined
No master fields have been defined
No more dialog entries can be made
No panels have been defined
Numeric literal invalid here
Parameter cannot be blank
PDUP, PDDN not valid for fixed text group
Procedure has already been defined
Procedure has not been defined
Procedure used in dialog
Procedures are nested too deeply
Procedures have been defined
Some keys have both upper and lower case entries
Subscript cannot be blank
This field is not a flag
This field is not alphabetic or alphanumeric
This field is not numeric
This system name is invalid here
Valid procedure numbers are P000 – P255
Warning: Recursive procedure definition

21.3 Screen Painting Error Messages

Dialog System might produce the following error messages when you paint your screensets.

Block stack full
Block still in existence
Can't abandon after copy/restore
Clear panel? Are you sure? Y/N
Config file tag not found
Currently standalone mode
Cut/Copy without paste? Y/N
Data block too large (64K)
Delete panel. Are you sure? Y/N
Error closing file
Error creating file
Error reading file
Error writing file
Exit. Are you sure? Y/N
Exit without saving? Y/N
Field definition overlap
Field not in master group
Fields in different groups
File already exists. Overwrite? Y/N
File not found
FSI – Data truncated
FSI – D0 allocation fail
FSI – Heap full
FSI – No data
Generate without saving? Y/N
Group definition overlap
Group nesting not allowed
Illegal order character
Incompatible version
Initialize. Are you sure? Y/N
Internal error on heap open
Internal error on heap close
Internal error on heap read
Internal error on heap write
Internal heap error
Internal overflow
Invalid delete
Invalid FEM function
Invalid function
Invalid line in config file
Invalid mark
Invalid – mark is active
Load without saving? Y/N
Name already exists
No block defined
No block to restore
No border possible
No field in group definition
No screenset loaded
No occurs
Non-existent field
Not on a group
Not on Input or I-O field
Not possible; block has group(s)
Panel field table full
Panel group limit reached
Panel limit reached
Protected area – field
Referenced in dialog
Screenset copied (name changed)
Screenset empty
Source data repeat limit
Too many panel attributes
Unknown file format
Validation space full
Virtual group area
Virtual space full

21.4 Import Utility Error Messages

The following error messages might be produced by Dialog System when you import a screenset.

21.4.1 Recoverable Errors

A Check Digit validation is allowed for numeric field only
A maximum of 30 Range/Table validations are allowed
A maximum of 18 weights are allowed
Attempted to overlap existing group: group-name
Attributes exceed panel height
Attributes exceed panel width
Case sensitivity must be ON
Date format does not match field size: field-name
Decimal length must be zero: field-name
Dialog not allowed after GOP,POP,BP,BPD or BPR
Dialog table is full
Duplicate Dialog key entry: key-value
Error message number already exists: message-no
Error message number cannot exceed 998
Field does not exist: field-name
Field is not a Dialog flag: field-name
Field is not alphanumeric: field-name
Field is not numeric: field-name
Field name already exists
Field not found: field-name
Function has incorrect number of params: function-value
Group not found: group-name
Group will not fit on panel: group-name
Invalid Dialog function: function-value
Invalid Dialog IF statement
Invalid Dialog key: key-value
Invalid Dialog parameter subscript: param-value
Invalid Dialog parameter type: param-value
Invalid Dialog procedure: proc-value
Invalid Event Key
Invalid MOVE operands
Invalid numeric literal
Maximum decimal length is 9
Maximum field name length is 30
Maximum group occurrence is 9999
No border allowed for this panel
No group has been defined
No select bar for group: group-name
Numeric field must be 18
Panel coordinates do not fit on screen
Panel dimensions invalid: panel-name
Panel name already exists
Panel not found: panel-name
Procedure not declared – Dialog flushed: proc-name
Select bar not found: group-name
Text will not fit on panel
The previous dialog line was empty
This field has invalid format: field-name
This field has invalid position: field-name
This field has invalid properties: field-name
This field has invalid size: field-name
This field has invalid usage: field-name
This validation is not possible for this field type
This group has invalid position: group-name

21.4.2 Fatal Errors

ACC-EXIT only applicable to Data groups
Error in allocating dynamic memory
Error in opening file
Field table is full
INTENSITY/BLINK must be off/on
Invalid border number
Maximum literal value is 80
The color is not supported
Unexpected end of import file

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