MERANT Micro Focus Server Express

Error Messages


Issue 15
March 2000

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This book contains a list of the error messages which you can receive in the following phases of program development:

Also, it has a list of the file status codes produced under ANSI'74 and ANSI'85, and lists the implementation limits for SAA, OSVS and VSC2.

For each error there is a brief descriptions on the possible cause, and, where possible, hints on how you can rectify the problem.


This manual is for all users of Micro Focus COBOL systems. The detailed descriptions and recovery hits for each message are probably of most use to users who have little experience of COBOL programming.

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Other books to which you might need to refer include the Getting Started book and User's Guide for your COBOL system, and:

The on-disk document Documentation Update Notes on your issue disks (or in your docs directory after installing) may contain updates to these books.

Notations in This Manual

When displayed, some messages contain an actual name from your program. In this manual, the place where the name is inserted is shown by a description of the type of name, in italics. For example, message 1146 is shown in this manual as:

 procedure-name lies in more than one PERFORM THRU range

If the procedure-name concerned were CALCULATE-TAX, the actual message displayed would be:

1146  CALCULATE-TAX lies in more than one PERFORM THRU range
DOS, Windows and OS/2 Considerations
UNIX Considerations