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Appendix A: Syntax Summary for COBOL Features

This appendix lists COBOL syntax for this system. It does not include syntax provided purely for compatibility with DG Interactive COBOL, RM/COBOL, Siemens Nixdorf COBOL and Microsoft COBOL. This information is found in the chapters Data General Interactive COBOL V1.3 Syntax Support, Ryan McFarland COBOL V2.0 Syntax Support, Siemens Nixdorf COBOL Syntax Supportand Microsoft COBOL V1.0 and V2.0 Syntax Support in your Language Reference - Additional Topics.

A.1 General Format for Identification Division

A.2 General Format for Environment Division

A.2.1 General Format for File-Control Entry

A.2.1.1 Record Sequential Files

A.2.1.2 Line Sequential Files

A.2.1.3 Relative Files

A.2.1.4 Indexed Files

A.2.1.5 Sort-Merge Files

A.3 General Format for Data Division

A.3.1 General Format for File Description Entry

A.3.1.1 Record Sequential Files

A.3.1.2 Line Sequential Files

A.3.1.3 Relative and Indexed Files

A.3.1.4 Sort-Merge Files

A.3.1.5 Report File

A.3.2 General Format for Data Description Entry

Format 1

Format 2

Format 3

Format 4

A.3.3 General Format for Report Description Entry

A.3.4 General Format for Report Group Description Entry

Format 1

Format 2

Format 3

A.3.5 General Format for Screen Description Entry

A.4 General Format for Intrinsic Functions

A.5 General Format for Procedure Division

A.5.1 Declarative Format

A.5.2 Non-Declarative Format


Format 1

Format 2

A.6 General Format for Verbs

where sharing phrase is:

A.6.1 General Format for COPY Statement

A.6.2 General Format for REPLACE Statement

A.7 General Format for Object COBOL Language Extensions

A.7.1 Class Definition

A.7.2 Class Extension

General Format

A.7.3 Class-body

General Format

Format 1

Format 2

A.7.4 Class-object

General Format

A.7.5 Object-program

General Format

A.7.6 Method


A.7.7 Method Interface Definition


where verb-signature is:

A.8 General Format for Conditions

A.8.1 Relation Condition

A.8.2 Class Condition

A.8.3 Sign Condition

A.8.4 Condition-Name-Condition

A.8.5 Switch-Status Condition

A.8.6 Negated Simple Condition

A.8.7 Combined Condition

A.8.8 Abbreviated Combined Relation Condition

A.8.9 Pointer Condition

A.8.10 Procedure-Pointer Condition

A.8.11 Object Relation Condition

A.9 Miscellaneous Formats

A.9.1 Qualification

Format 1

Format 2

Format 3

Format 4

Format 5

Format 6

Format 7

A.9.2 Subscripting and Indexing

A.9.3 Function-Identifier

A.9.4 Identifier

Format 1

Format 2

A.9.5 Reference Modification

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