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Chapter 3: New Features in Server Express 1.1

This chapter describes features that are new to Server Express 1.1.

3.1 Portable .idy Files

Animator information files (.idy files) created by Server Express are portable to Net Express and Mainframe Express, enabling you to debug your application using these development environments. If you port an .idy file, you must port its associated .int file. You cannot port an .idy file with any other type of executable file for debugging in another environment.

3.2 FaultFinder Enhancements

FaultFinder has been enhanced. You can now start FaultFinder from the command line, and from within a program using the library routine CBL_FFND_REPORT. You can also now take a snapshot of a program's source code, and its compiled characteristics, before shipping the program to your end-users, using the FaultFinder Listing Generator. This can help you analyze a FaultFinder report. The FaultFinder Listing Generator provides information in the form of a detailed listing file.

See the chapter FaultFinder in your Utilities Handbook for information on FaultFinder.

3.3 Scan 64

Scan64 helps you migrate applications from 32-bit to 64-bit COBOL systems. If you have developed COBOL programs using the Server Express 32-bit development environment that you want to migrate to the Server Express 64-bit development environment, you should run Scan64 before compiling and running them with the 64-bit system development environment. In particular, Scan64 enables you to detect and correct pointer violations before migrating your COBOL source code to 64-bit COBOL systems.

See the chapter Scan64 in your Utilities Handbook for information on the Scan64 utility.

3.4 COBOL BS2000 Dialect

You can set the DIALECT Compiler directive to BS2000 or BS2000-OFFLOAD, which enables you to rehost Siemens BS2000 COBOL mainframe applications on your UNIX system. See the chapter Siemens BS2000 COBOL Syntax Support in your Language Reference for more information. For information on the DIALECT directive, see the chapter Directives for Compiler in your Server Express User's Guide.

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