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Chapter 5: Obtaining Support

MERANT does not include the software needed to interface to ORB technology with Server Express. However, you can forward a reqest for this software to MERANT. For a contact address, see the section Contacting MERANT.

Because the versions of the ORBs change rapidly, the actual ORB interface software is created on demand and can take a number of weeks.

Note: Please allow time in your development schedule for MERANT to build and test the components before delivering the software to you.

At the time of this release, an interface to two ORBs is available:

5.1 Contacting MERANT

If you require further information on the ORB support provided by MERANT, or would like to order either of the above ORB components, please contact MERANT. To do this, send e-mail to Alternatively, ask your local Sales representative to pass on your request.

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