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Chapter 1: What is Application Server Licensing?

This chapter describes Application Server licensing.

1.1 Introduction

You need a license to run an application developed using Micro Focus COBOL. The license is called the Application Server (AS) license. When you obtain Server Express or Application Server products, you receive a card entitled Product License Certificate. This card is your paper copy of an AS License, and identifies the number of licensed users, the product name (Application Server for UNIX) and the version. It also contains a license key, which enables you to install the license onto your system. Unless the license is installed, the system is unaware of the license, and you will not be able to run the applications for which you have obtained the license. If you require additional Application Server licenses, contact your MERANT Account Representative or your MERANT licensed supplier for details on purchasing them.

You must not install the same AS license on more than one system at a time; to do so would break the terms of the license agreement. If you want to move an AS license from one system to another, you must uninstall it from the current system first.

If you create an application that uses Application Server, refer to the licensing agreement that accompanies your Micro Focus Development system.

64-bit Application Server:
If you install a 64-bit version of Application Server, you are issued with licenses for the 64-bit version. Any licenses associated with a 32-bit version of Application Server are disabled; you are warned of this when you install the 64-bit version. This only occurs if you install Server Express in the same directory as a previous version of Server Express.

The 64-bit licenses enable you to use Application Server with applications developed in both 64-bit and 32-bit modes.

If for any reason you have been issued with fewer 64-bit licenses than you originally had with your 32-bit version of Application Server, you should contact your Sales Representative to purchase the required number of licenses.

1.2 Administering Licenses

You monitor the number of users running an application, and install and administer licenses, using the AppTrack utility. Subsequent chapters show you how to install and administer licenses using AppTrack.

To ensure that license details are displayed correctly, you should ensure that you use the version of AppTrack supplied with your latest version of Server Express.

Warning: To use AppTrack on your system, UNIX must support shared memory allocation and use.

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