Introduction to SQL Option

This chapter explains how you can use SQL Option to create, develop and maintain COBOL-based applications with a relational database management system.


With SQL Option, you can compile, debug and run programs that contain Embedded SQL statements without requiring access to a mainframe or LAN-based database system.

SQL Option uses the same technology as the popular XDB database system. An XDB database behaves exactly like a mainframe DB2 database but it runs on UNIX. A personal XDB Server is installed on your machine, providing you with a completely self-contained development and test environment for DB2 applications.

SQL Option Components

SQL Option for DB2 consists of a relational database management engine, an embedded SQL COBOL precompiler and a number of associated configuration tools and utilities:

XDB Server

XDB Server is the server component that performs all database operations and emulates a DB2 system. A personal XDB Server is installed on your machine when you install SQL Option for DB2. This local copy of XDB Server is the default server. It must be running before you can debug or run client applications against a local XDB database.

Embedded SQL Preprocessor

The SQL Precompiler allows COBOL programmers to develop applications containing embedded SQL and test them against a full-featured, relational database system.

Client and Server Configuration Utilities and Tools

SQL Option provides various tools for both client and server side configuration. See the Client Utilities Guide and Server Administration Guide for more details

Interactive SQL Utility

This tool provides an ad-hoc way to access data stored in a XDB server, as well as perform sysadmin functions like creating a userid. See the Client Utilities Guide for more details.