Serena License Manager 2.2.0a - Important Information About this Release

This document contains important information about the 2.2.0a release of Serena License Manager (SLM). Last updated 12th August 2015.

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To upgrade from a previous version of Serena License Manager:

  1. Stop the Serena License Server service or process.
  2. Uninstall Serena License Manager. The license and configuration files are retained.
  3. During the installation of SLM 2.2.0a:

If you backed up your previous version of SLM but deleted all the files in the installation directory before installing SLM 2.2.0a, you can restore your licenses and configuration by selectively restoring the following files:

Note: Your backup may not include all these files.

What's New?

System Requirements

Installing and Administering

Fixed Defects