Overview : Using the License Manager

Using the License Manager
You can use the License Manager to add, register, and remove your Micro Focus product licenses. This section describes how to use the License Manager GUI features.
Starting the License Manager
The License Manager can be started from the VisiBroker Console:
The License Manager can also be started by running an executable:
Run the lmadmw executable found in the <install_dir>\bin directory.
Run the lmadm executable found in the <install_dir>/bin directory.
Viewing license information
The License Manager displays the licenses you have applied to products on the local machine. To see more detailed information about each license, click the license node in the left-hand navigation tree. The content pane on the right displays product details and operations that you can perform on the selected node.
Adding licenses
In some cases, you will need to apply multiple licenses to one installation. This will happen if you purchase optional products that can be added onto a base product. Applying a second or subsequent license to the same product installation is similar to the first.
Before you can add a new node-locked product license you will need:
The Serial Number and Key, or the activation file for each license. These will arrive in an email from Micro Focus.
This is needed for product registration. Note that the main bdn.borland.com address is no longer in use. However:
You can alternatively create an account using the VisiBroker Product Registration Wizard, during the registration/activation process described in “Product Registration” in the VisiBroker Installation Guide.
Internet access. This is required if you want to use the Direct or Web page methods for activating your license. This can be from any system—not necessarily the system on which your product is installed.
To add a product license, follow these steps:
Importing licenses
In some cases, you will need to import a license from a file. To import a product license, follow these steps:
Removing licenses
To remove a product license, do one of these operations: