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CICS Web Services Wizard

Attention: This feature is in Early Adopter Product (EAP) release status. We intend to provide the finalized feature in a future release. Please contact Micro Focus SupportLine if you require further clarification.

The CICS Web Services feature is EAP for development and testing usage. It should not be used for production deployment in this product release

Visual COBOL CICS Web Services (CWS) support enables you to create CICS COMMAREA- and Channel-based service interfaces, and generate CWS client applications. You can create any of these from your Visual COBOL project using the CICS Web Services wizard, or optionally use the ls2ws and ws2ls commands at aVisual COBOL command prompt.

CWS supports both HTTP and MQ transport protocols.

You can host your generated CICS Web services on Enterprise Server.

Important: As a prerequisite to using the CICS Web Services feature, you must first install the IBM CCSID Conversion Tables and configure accordingly. See Install and Configure CCSID Conversion Tables for instructions.
Attention: As an alternative to the CICS Web Services wizard, you can use IMTK technology to generate CICS Web Services and COBOL clients. See the CICS Web Services topic under Interface Mapping using the IMTK.
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