Compile to Generated Code for Unlinked Environment (-u)

Compiles the COBOL source code files (.cbl, .CBL or .cob) into intermediate code and then generates them to dynamically loadable native code (generated code) files. These files have the file extension .gnt.

If the -g flag is also specified, the resulting generated code contains debugging information so that it can be debugged with Animator.

You can supply intermediate code files to the cob command instead of COBOL source code files; these are just code generated. You can also input any object module files (.o) to the cob command; these are linked to create an executable RTS. Dynamically loaded programs can call any of the modules in the linked executable RTS as well as any other valid dynamically loadable program.


The following examples illustrate the types of processing available using the -u flag:

cob Command line Output Files
cob -u tmp/a.cbl, a.idy, a.gnt
cob -u b.cbl, b.idy, b.gnt
cob -u 
cob -u tmp/ 
cob -ug a.cbl, a.idy, a.gnt