Rebuild Options

The processing performed by Rebuild is defined by the option(s) specified on the command line.

On UNIX systems, Rebuild options must be preceded by a hyphen (-) character rather than a slash (/) character.

The following options are available:

/c Specifies file compression
/d Reconstructs an index from the data area of an indexed file
/e Reports illegal duplicate keys and continues processing. If more than 1000 illegal duplicate keys are found, the rebuild aborts, because it considers the file attributes being used conflict with the data in the file to an extent that any results could be meaningless.
/f Validates indexed files
/i Displays information about the files being processed
/k Defines the key structure for an indexed file
/m Reserved for future use
/n Displays information about a file (no other processing is performed)
/o Specifies the organization of the input and output files
/p Rebuilds IDXFORMAT"8" file in place
/q Quickly rebuilds index files using the index side file (IDXFORMAT"12")
/r Defines the record structure of the input and output files
/s Specifies the format of the input file
/t Specifies the format of the output file
/u Attempts to recover a file for which the last update operation was not completed
/v Displays a record count which is incremented as the file is processed
/y Forces Rebuild to ignore file size discrepancies
/x Specifies the order in which data is written when reorganizing an indexed file
/z Instructs Rebuild to use a Fileshare server for file access
//q Suppresses display of the Rebuild banner
//v Displays the version number of Rebuild

Options can be placed in any order on the command line, except that options beginning with a double forward slash (//) must be placed before options beginning with a single forward slash (/). Options are free-format; spaces are required between options.

A colon (:) is required before parameters of the /f or /v options. For other options, a colon before parameters is optional. Do not insert spaces between the parameters of options.

See the Rebuild Command Line Options section for a full description of each option.