Byte-stream I/O Calls

Fileshare supports some of the byte-stream I/O routines that are available with this COBOL system. Most of the routines use the same parameters and have the same effect as the corresponding COBOL system call, but access remote files via Fileshare. The only change needed to your program is to call the routine starting with FS_ instead of CBL_. The only routine that does not have exactly the same call interface as its corresponding CBL_ routine is FS_LOCATE_FILE.

Fileshare supports the following byte-stream I/O routines:

You can use these routines to access files on remote Fileshare servers, as well as local files. Configure the Fileshare Client in the normal manner to define which files are local and which are remote.


  • The FS_COPY_FILE routine only works on the Fileshare server and cannot be used to copy the file locally or to another Fileshare server. Currently you would have to code your own FS_OPEN_FILE and FS_READ_FILE/CBL_WRITE_FILE loop to copy the contents of the file locally.
  • Do not use byte-stream I/O and COBOL I/O on the same file
  • If you want to share files between multiple Fileshare Clients you must access the files using normal COBOL I/O verbs