Virtual File Handler Interface

The Fileshare Server can pass I/O requests to a program specified by you, rather than by the Micro Focus File Handler, as long as the program that you specify conforms to the call interface used by the File Handler.

Note: If you are using Fileshare, IDXFORMATs 17 and 21 do not provide transaction processing capabilities by default. You must configure it on a file-by-file basis using the Virtual File Handler option (/ap) when specifying the file in your database reference file. For example, when you access the following file through Fileshare, it is additionally re-directed to the ACUFH file handler, where transactional support can be provided:
Fs /d dbase.ref /f acufile1.dat /ap ACUFH

You do not need to change the configuration of the Fileshare Client to use the Virtual File Handler Interface.