Fileshare Extended Status Codes

Status Code Meaning
9/037 Access is denied. In addition to the normal situations where this error occurs, Fileshare generates this error when:
  • An invalid user-ID and/or password is passed to a Fileshare Server and Fileshare Password Security is active
  • A Fileshare Client attempts to access a particular data file and access is denied

See the chapter Security for more information.

9/100 A CLOSE operation is tried on a data file that is participating in an active transaction. See the section Transaction Processing in the chapter Database Integrity for more information.
9/124 A communications error occurred between the Fileshare Client and the Fileshare Server. You can call fs_status to determine the cause of the error. For details of this call see the section Communications Errors.
9/125 Caused by one of these conditions:
  • A transaction or record lock timed out. (See the section Automatic Record Lock Timeout in the chapter Database Integrity.)
  • The Fileshare Client has been forced to log off from the Fileshare Server
  • If you are using the Micro Focus File Handler interface, an invalid Fileshare session ID was passed on the call to the File Handling Redirector module. Check that the six bytes of the FCD from offset 79 have not been changed.
  • A previous access to this open file returned a 9/124 status, so further operations cannot be made
9/126 The record size used on the I/O operation is too large to be handled by the Fileshare Server. See the description of the /m option in the section Server Configuration in the chapter Configuration.
9/173 When using the virtual file interface, the program-name specified in the database reference file is not found. See the section Virtual File Handler Interface in the chapter Advanced Operation.