ACUFH Configuration Variables

Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

Before running Database Connectors, you must set the A_CONFIG environment variable to the name of the ACUFH configuration file. You may want to make and use a personalized copy of the ACUFH configuration file to avoid impacting other users. Set the A_CONFIG environment variable to identify your own personal copy. For example:


SET A_CONFIG=directory-name\my-file-name


export A_CONFIG

defines a configuration file with the name of your choice, in the directory of your choice.

There are several variables that can be set in your ACUFH configuration file that affect the Database Connectors processing. Those listed below are applicable to any relational database management system (RDBMS) with which Database Connectors communicates. Some ACUFH configuration variables are database-specific; those variables are discussed in the database-specific sections later in this guide.

Variable Description
4GL_2000_CUTOFF Determines which two-digit years are considered to be in the twentieth century and which are considered to be in the twenty-first century
4GL_8_DIGIT_CUTOFF Determines whether to use 4GL_2000_CUTOFF for dates that don't use a format string and that are eight digits
4GL_COLUMN_CASE Tells Database Connectors to leave the case of the field names found in the eXtended File Descriptor (XFD) unchanged
4GL_COMMIT_COUNT Indicates the conditions under which you want to issue an automatic COMMIT_WORK operation
4GL_CONVERT_DATE_ZERO      Allows Database Connectors to locate and return those records written using the date 01/01/01
4GL_DB_MAP Enables you to set one map at a time by using FILE_PREFIX as a list of directories, each of which maps to a different database
4GL_FULL_DATA_TEST Allows you to specify whether an entire field is tested for illegal data or if only the first field is tested
4GL_IGNORED_SUFFIX_LIST Lists the case-independent suffixes to ignore when opening DB2 tables
4GL_ILLEGAL_DATA Determines how COBOL data considered illegal by the database is converted before it is stored in the database
4GL_JULIAN_BASE_DATE Sets the base date to be used for Julian date calculations
4GL_WHERE_CONSTRAINT Allows you to override any value given in the external variable A4GL_WHERE_CONSTRAINT
FILE_TRACE Allows you to start file tracing without opening the debugger
XFD_DIRECTORY Tells the run time system the name of the directory that contains the XFD files built by the compiler
XFD_MAP Tells the run time system to associate certain filenames with a particular XFD
XFD_MAP_RESETS Determines whether setting XFD_MAP adds to or replaces the existing value
XFD_PREFIX Defines a specific series of directories to search for XFD files