Get Dependent Elements

This tool returns the dependencies of a resource, such as the copy files directly used by a program.


Parameter # I/O Type Description
1 [M] I String The Eclipse path to the source's resource.
2 [M] I String The identifier of the parent resource as returned by a previous invocation of this tool (0 for main source file).
3 [M] O File The list of dependencies.

The output file descriptor has the following structure:

No Target ID
1 [M] The dependent file's name.
2 [M] The dependent file's path.
3 [M] Whether the file is part of the workspace or is an "external" file.
4 [M] The dependent file's usage identifier.
5 [M] The Eclipse resource identifier.
6 [M] The main program's Eclipse resource identifier.
7 [M] The match name used to identify the AWM element type.
8 [M] Whether the file has child elements.