Default AWM Systems

Default AWM systems are automatically added to the Application Explorer view in newly created workspaces. They must either point to a master configuration file or contain a command which returns a master configuration, see Master Configuration for more information. Optionally, default AWM systems can be defined with a remote system association and an application that is loaded by default, see Local Master Configuration for more information.

Default AWM systems can be added at any time, right-click in the Application Explorer view, the then click Add System(s).

Element Attribute Description
awmSystem   Represents one default AWM system.
  masterConfigurationPath* Path to a master configuration file. Depending on the master configuration format, the file suffix must be either xml or txt.  

Must be defined only if no masterConfigurationCommand has been specified.

  masterConfigurationCommand* Operating system command string which returns a complete master configuration. Only supports the XML format.  

Must only be defined if no masterConfigurationPath has been specified.

  loadedApplication Name of the AWM application to be loaded by default. The application must be contained in the referenced master configuration. Only one AWM application can be loaded at a time. By default, the first application referenced is loaded, others are ignored.
  associatedRemoteSystem Name of the associated remote system, if any.  
<awmSystem associatedRemoteSystem="zServer" loadedApplication="AWM Sample Model" masterConfigurationPath="F:\Models\SampleModel.xml"/> </awmSystem>
 <awmSystem masterConfigurationCommand="cmd.exe /c type F:\Models\SampleModel.xml"/>

Example (UNIX):

<awmSystem associatedRemoteSystem="zServer" loadedApplication="AWM Sample Model" masterConfigurationPath="/etc/models/masterconfig.xml" /> </awmSystem>
<awmSystem masterConfigurationCommand="cat /etc/models\masterconfig.xml" />