Creating the Model

To create a model file in your project, first create a new folder for it to go in:

  1. In the Application Explorer view, right-click the IssueTrackingSystem project.
  2. Click New > Folder > Folder.

    This opens the New Folder dialog box.

  3. In the Folder name field, type model.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. To view this new folder:
    1. Click View Menu View Menu, and then click Filters and Customization.

      This opens the Filters and Customization dialog box.

    2. In the Filters tab, uncheck Empty folders outside categories.
    3. Click OK.
  6. Click the model folder.
  7. Click File > New > Other.

    This opens the New dialog box.

  8. Click Micro Focus AWM > AWM Model.
  9. Click Next.
  10. In the File name field, type IssueTracking.model.
  11. Click Finish.

    This opens the model in the AWM editor.