Configure the Library File for Run Time

This demo can run on Windows or UNIX. To change it to run from one to the other platform, you must edit a data item to point to the correct run-time system.

The downloaded library file should already be configured correctly for your platform; if it is not, you must update it and recompile your application.

  1. In COBOL Explorer, select

    The copybook appears in the editor.

    Note: Files with RM/COBOL-specific file extensions (such as .ws and .prc) may only show in a plain text editor; to display them in the COBOL editor, you may have to set the file associations on the Run menu, by selecting Preferences, then General > Editors > File Associations.
  2. Locate the RMP--RUNTIME data item, and update the value accordingly:
    • runpan2.dll (Windows)
    • cobrunpan2 (32-bit UNIX)
    • cobrunpan264 (64-bit UNIX)

  3. Save the copybook.