To import a copybooks into a virtual folder

You can import copybooks into a virtual folder of your project:

  1. Select your project in COBOL Explorer.
  2. Click File > Import.

    This opens the Import dialog box.

  3. Expand General and click File System, then click Next.
  4. Click Browse and navigate to the directory that contains the copybooks you want to import.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Import dialog box, check the copybooks to be imported.
  7. Check Create top-level folder under Options.
  8. Click Advanced.
  9. Check Create links in workspace.
  10. Ensure Create virtual folders is checked.
  11. Click Finish.

To ensure the project builds successfully, you must also add the location of the copybooks to the project's dependencies:

  1. Navigate to Micro Focus > Build Path in the project's properties.
  2. Click the Copybooks tab and check the folder that includes the imported copybooks.