JAVALOGGER Emitter Properties

Set the JAVALOGGER emitter properties to control the details passed to the Java logging framework on a web server.

Use this type of emitter if you are unable to configure the TEXTFILE or BINFILE emitters due to web server permission restrictions.

Add the required properties for the JAVALOGGER emitter to the mfjvm.ctf configuration file:

Property Description Default
FORMAT The format to be used for each trace data record written to the file. You can use the following pseudo-variables in the format specification:
The name of the component outputting the trace event.
The trace data specified by the component to be output for the trace event. Each trace part will be delimited by the character specified by the DELIMCHAR property.
The current date, output as yyyy/mm/dd
The event identifier as specified by the component outputting the trace event.
The tracing level:
  • 0: debug
  • 1: info
  • 2: warn
  • 3: error
  • 4: fatal
Note: See Comments below.
The current process identifier. Same as $(PROCESS).
The current process identifier. Same as $(PID).
A unique number that identifies the RunUnit that relates to the trace event.
The current operating system thread identifier.
The current time, output as hh:mm:ss


The tracing levels set by $(LEVEL) map to the following levels used in the Java logging API:

Micro Focus tracing levels Java logging API tracing levels
Debug Config
Info Info
Warn Warning
Error Severe
Fatal Severe

Refer to your Java logging API documentation for the details traced for each level.