Run-time System Errors

Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

This topic lists the Database Connectors for ODBC error messages that could occur during execution of your program. For information on compile-time errors and several methods for retrieving run time system errors, see the chapter Performance and Troubleshooting.

Run-time system errors have this format:


The 9 indicates a file system error and is reported as the first digit of the 2-byte FILE STATUS variable. The xxx is a binary value between 1 and 255 that provides more information. If xxx is 83, you can retrieve additional information with C$RERR . That additional information can come from either the database or the run time. Run-time codes returned with C$RERR include:

Code Message
1 Error reading the XFD file
2 Corrupt XFD/dictionary file
3 Error opening the XFD file
4 Too many key fields (16 max)
6 Mismatched dictionary file
11 ODBC connection missing required functionality
12 ODBC library function returned an unexpected error
13 Illegal size or type of data for variable xxx
14 More than one table with the same name
15 ODBC driver missing needed types

For a detailed description of a particular message, see the Database Connectors Error Messages section.