Additional Eclipse Functionality

There are many bundles of extra functionality that you can add to Eclipse. Most of those which are available for free, you can find and download from Others are available from vendors directly. The bundles are usually provided as UpdateSites which you can apply by clicking Help > Install New Software.

Due to the large number of choices of additional functionality available, Micro Focus cannot test with them all. We are aware, however, that a number of source control systems make direct use of the operating system file system rather than working through the Eclipse File System. As a result, they do not work correctly with remote COBOL projects that use the Remote File System (RSE) file system option. You select the Remote File System (RSE) option in the New Remote COBOL Project dialog when initially creating a remote project. In such cases you need to use the Network file system option for the projects.

In the same way that other functionality can be added to the instance of Eclipse installed as part of your Micro Focus product, it is possible to install the Visual COBOL UpdateSites into a pre-existing Eclipse installation. You can find details on how to do this in the installation instructions in your product help or in the release notes in the section Installing into different Eclipse packages. There are some restrictions regarding the versions of Eclipse that we support.

What next?

Now that you have finished reading this introduction, we recommend you check the section Developing Applications in the IDE for more information about how to create, run and debug applications.