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Product Overview

Visual COBOL is the industry leading solution for COBOL application development and deployment on Windows, UNIX and Linux systems. Visual COBOL offers smart editing and debugging, enabling developers to manage complex problems easier and faster than before.

Visual COBOL for Eclipse enables you to:

  • Develop COBOL applications within the Eclipse IDE
  • Deploy COBOL applications across a wide range of enterprise platforms including Windows, UNIX, Linux, and JVM

Visual COBOL for Eclipse can be used with an optional add-on, Visual COBOL Development Hub, that enables developers to centrally store source code and application artefacts as well as debug their applications remotely on UNIX from their local Eclipse environment. This makes fault detection and correction easier, enabling higher quality standards for application development efforts.

This product Help includes information about how to use Visual COBOL for Eclipse for local development as well as for remote development using the Visual COBOL Development Hub.