Transfer File


Transfers contents of one file or data stream into another. Source and target can be located on different platforms. Mass processing is supported.

The target file is created automatically if it does not already exist, as long as the parent exists. By default, if a file already exists its contents is overwritten. You can customize this behavior using the Existing Resource Handling attribute.


Attribute Type Description
Existing Resource Handling Selection Specifies how to handle conflicts with existing target resources.

Possible values:

Replace any existing target files.
Leave existing target files untouched.
Produce an error if at least one target file already exists and in this case does not transfer any file in a mass processing action.

The error cancels the current AWM action.

From Parameter
The value for Existing Resource Handling must be specified by an input parameter.

Default value: Replace

Parameter Name I/O Type Description
Source File [M] I File References the source of the file transfer.
Target File [M] I File References the target file of the file transfer.
Existing Resource Handling [O] I String Specifies how to handle conflicts with existing target resources. Must be one of the following values:
  • Replace
  • Ignore
  • Error

The parameter is only available if the attribute Existing Resource Processing is set to From Parameter. See attribute description for more details.

The following combinations of input parameters with the Mass Processing attribute set to true or false are supported:

Source File "Mass Processing" Target File "Mass Processing" Behavior
true true Mass transfer of all files. If the tool is called from a non-mass processing action only a single file is transferred.
false true Only a single file is transferred.
true false Not supported
false false The single source file is transferred to multiple target files. The target files receive all the same content.