ACUCOBOL-GT Syntax Extensions

Use the abbreviated ACUCOBOL-GT language reference for details of ACUCOBOL-GT's syntax extensions to ANSI 85 COBOL.

ACUCOBOL-GT (Acu) is an implementation of the ANSI 85 COBOL programming language (ANSI X3.23-1985 and the ANSI X3.23a-1989 supplement). This section contains an abbreviated ACUCOBOL-GT language reference, which provides descriptions of Acu's language extensions when programs are compiled in Acu compatibility mode (DIALECT"ACU"). For details on all other syntax supported by this COBOL system, see the COBOL Language Reference.

Since Micro Focus COBOL is also an implementation of ANSI 85 COBOL, Acu's ANSI 85 elements and behaviors are identical (or compatible) to Micro Focus COBOL.

You can obtain a complete ACUCOBOL-GT reference manual from the ACUCOBOL-GT product documentation set, which is available from the Micro Focus Product Documentation Page.