Element List Structure

An element list structure describes a table structure for the table view or a tree table view. This is the definition of columns, in which the property values of elements can be displayed at run time. See Relationship: Element Has Property for more information.

Attribute Type Description
ID * ID * The ID of the element list structure.
Label [O] String The display name of the element list structure. Display names only appear in the Column Configuring dialog box. If no label is stated, the ID is used.
Table_View_ID [O] String The Team Developer view secondary ID in which element lists with this structure are shown. See Table View ID for more information.
Table_View_Label [O] String The label that the Table Results view takes when showing element lists with this structure.
Relationship Cardinality Description
Has_Column 1..* Relationship to properties that describes a table column of the element list structure. It is possible to define table columns that consist of multiple properties.
Has_Action 0..* Relationship to an action descriptor that has an effect on any element in the list.