Using the LANG Environment Variable

Restriction: National Locale Support is only supported for native COBOL code.

You define a locale using the LANG environment variable. LANG is set using the operating system command SET:

set LANG=language


language The language environment in which you wish to run your program. This determines which message catalog is open so that if an error occurs, the error message is output in the selected language. language can take the following values:
  • en_US = American English
  • en_GB = English
  • jp_JP = Japanese (EUC encoding)
  • jp_JP.sjis = Japanese (Shift-JIS encoding)
  • jp_JP.utf8 = Japanese (UTF8 encoding)

The following example illustrates how to specify a language of English and use the operating system values for the territory and codepage:

set LANG=en_GB
export LANG