This chapter provides annotated examples of some of the source code clauses and statements explained in detail elswhere in the COBOL Language Reference. For the complete syntax and general rules for any item included in this chapter, please see the appropriate reference manual entry.

The sample code extracts provided within this chapter are not intended to be complete COBOL programs but rather sufficient excerpts to illustrate specific coding tasks. A number of complete COBOL source programs are provided with your COBOL system in machine readable format. If you look in the on-disk document, Products Contents Checklist and search for the word "sample", you will see which sample programs are provided with your COBOL system.

Note: No boxes, bubbles or other dialect designations are included in this chapter. See relevant reference entries and your COBOL system documentation for information on what syntax and semantic differences may exist for the COBOL options used in this chapter.

The examples in this chapter are presented in alphabetic order according to the phrase, clause, or statement which they are primarily demonstrating. Of course, within most of these examples other COBOL syntax may also appear. These examples are not divided according to the division or module in which they appear.