Complex Condition

A complex condition is formed by combining simple conditions, combined conditions and/or complex conditions with logical connectors (logical operators "AND" and "OR" ) or negating these conditions with logical negation (the logical operator "NOT"). The truth value of a complex condition, whether parenthesized or not, is that truth value which results from the interaction of all the stated logical operators on the individual truth values of simple conditions, or the intermediate truth values of conditions logically connected or logically negated.

The logical operators and their meanings are:

Operator Meaning
AND Logical conjunction; the truth value is "true" if both of the conjoined conditions are true; "false" if one or both of the conjoined conditions is false.
OR Logical inclusive OR; the truth value is "true" if one or both of the included conditions is true; "false" if both included conditions are false.
NOT Logical negation or reversal of truth value; the truth value is "true" if the condition is false; "false" if the condition is true.

The logical operators must be preceded by a space and followed by a space.