The ENTER Statement

The ENTER statement provides a means of allowing the use of more than one language in the same program.

ANS85 The ENTER statement is classed as an obsolete element in the ANSI'85 standard and is scheduled to be deleted from the next full revision of the ANSI Standard.

MF All dialects in this COBOL implementation support this syntax for documentation purposes only. The FLAGSTD Compiler directive can be used to detect all occurrences of this syntax.

XOPEN Although it is a part of the standard COBOL definition, this feature is explicitly excluded from the X/Open COBOL language definitions and should not be used in an X/Open COBOL conforming source program.

General Format

ENTER Statement

Syntax Rules

  1. Language-name and routine-name can be any user-defined word or alphanumeric literal.

General Rules

  1. This statement is treated as for documentation purposes only. Access to other languages can be achieved by means of the CALL statement.