The COLUMN NUMBER Clause (Report Writer)

The COLUMN NUMBER clause identifies a printable item and specifies the position of the item on a print line.

General Format


Syntax Rules

  1. The COLUMN NUMBER clause can be specified only at the elementary level in a report group. The COLUMN NUMBER clause, if present, must appear in or be subordinate to an entry that contains a LINE NUMBER clause.
  2. Within a given print line, the printable items should be defined in ascending column number order such that each printable item defined occupies a unique sequence of contiguous character positions.

    OSVS  No restrictions on the sequence of COLUMN NUMBER clauses are enforced.

General Rules

  1. The COLUMN NUMBER clause indicates that the object of a SOURCE clause or the object of a VALUE clause or the sum counter defined by a SUM clause is to be presented on the print line. The absence of a COLUMN NUMBER clause indicates that the entry is not to be presented on a print line.
  2. Integer-1 specifies the column number of the leftmost character position of the printable item.
  3. The RWCS supplies space characters for all positions of a print line that are not occupied by printable items.
  4. The leftmost position of the print line is considered to be column number 1.