XML Syntax - START Statement

The START statement in XML syntax resets the position of a key.


XML Syntax - START statement

Syntax Rules:

  1. File-name-1 is the file name as declared in the SELECT statement as ORGANIZATION IS XML.
  2. Data-name-1 is a data item whose declaration includes an IDENTIFIED BY clause, and is included in the XD record declarations for file-name-1.
  3. Identifier-1 or literal-1 is a numeric value indicating which occurence of the tag name referenced by xml_file_record_node is returned by the next READ NEXT statement.

General Rules:

  1. The KEY IS clause resets the current internal counterpart so that a subsequent READ NEXT reads the occurrence of that key specified by data-name-1.
  2. If the INDEX clause is omitted, the index is assumed to be 1.
  3. Once a START request is performed, the indicated key and all sub-keys are associated with a position, and not with any data in the internal representation.
  4. If a START is followed immediately by WRITE KEY, that key is placed immediately before the node that would have been read if a START had been followed with READ NEXT. To add a node after this node, use a READ NEXT statement specifying the same key specified on the START.
  5. Do not immediately follow START with REWRITE KEY.