Enables you to call a program and pass the command line to the main program as a parameter to be accessed via the Linkage Section.
Restriction: These tunables are supported for native COBOL only.


>>-----set command_line_linkage=---.-TRUE--.------><


TRUE The command line can be accessed via the Linkage Section
FALSE The command line cannot be accessed via the Linkage Section


Default: TRUE
IDE equivalent: None


When using this tunable, the command line will be passed to the main program using the following parameter structure:

Linkage section.
01 CommandLinePass.
  03 CommandLineLen   pic 9(4) comp.
  03 CommandLine      pic x(256).

CommandLineLen contains the length of the parameters being passed and CommandLine contains the actual arguments being passed.


This run-time tunable is provided for backward compatibility only. It works only with linked executables.

There is also an equivalent Compiler directive that provides this functionality (COMMAND-LINE-LINKAGE). If both the tunable and the directive are set, the setting for the directive take precedence.