To publish a .NET Core project using the command line

Attention: .NET Core on Linux is provided as an Early Adopter Product (EAP) feature only. It is being made available to allow you to test and provide feedback on the new capabilities. Be aware that file locking does not work in all instances, and may cause exceptions or the ignoring of file locks. We will continue the development of this feature and provide additional interfaces via patch updates and future releases. Please contact Micro Focus SupportLine if you require further clarification.

The commands you use to build and publish a COBOL application that targets .NET Core are very similar to the commands you would use to build any COBOL application. You need to ensure that you specify the following:

For example, to do a restore, rebuild, and publish operation for a self-contained deployment to 64-bit Linux you could run the following command:

msbuild project-name.cblproj