DFSTRCL Command Line Syntax

You must run this command from a Visual COBOL command prompt, available from Start > All Programs > Micro Focus Visual COBOL > Tools > Visual COBOL Command Prompt.

You can run the DFSTRCL utility to process a single debug information (.idy) file. Alternatively, you can configure DFSTRCL to perform batch processing using a parameters file passed at the command line using the /r parameter. You can use a parameters file that contains a maximum of 100 .idy files.


dfstrcl idy_file.idy {/a|/d record_name} [/o str_file] [/r param_file.ext] [/?]


The name of the COBOL debug information (.idy) file. Optionaly, you can provide it prefixed with a relative or absolute file path.
The first 01-level group in the .idy file is used for the default layout. If you use this option, you do not need to specify /d record_name.
/d record_name
The default record layout name to be used from the debug information file.
/o str_file
Optional, the name for the output record layout (.str) file . The default is the basename of the .idy file with a .str extension.
Note: If the output filename does not include a .str extension it will be appended to the filename specified.
/r param_file.ext
Optional, the parameters filename. The parameters file can contain .idy file names to process and optional /d and /o parameters. Using a parameters file enables you to process multiple .idy files.
Note: The parameters file may contain up to a maximum of 100 debug information (.idy) files.
/? or no parameters
Displays command line help.