Remote Debugging of Native COBOL Applications

Restriction: The following applies to native code only.

On Windows:

You can debug 32 or 64-bit programs that are running on a different computer from the one on which you are using to develop COBOL.

The remote computer can be a Windows system or a UNIX system.

Either the COBOL development system or COBOL Server needs to be installed on the remote computer. Enterprise Server is not required.

To debug remotely, the two systems must be networked using TCP/IP and must be set up appropriately.


You can debug applications that run on a remote UNIX machine in a similar way. A Micro Focus COBOL development system for UNIX or COBOL Server needs to be installed on the remote machine.

You cannot deploy the application from a Windows machine. You need to compile the application on the UNIX system using a COBOL development system for UNIX. Once the application is deployed, you can debug it in a similar way to debugging applications that are running on a remote Windows machine.