View the Data File Formatted

To view the records formatted, you must apply the record layout file to the data file, which you do when opening the data file.

  1. If datavseq.dat is still open in Data File Editor, click on the tab to close it.
  2. From the Micro Focus Data File Tools window, click File > Open > File, then navigate to the DataToolsDemo project folder.
  3. Select datavseq.dat again, then click Open.

    The Open Data File dialog box appears.

    Because you saved the structure file with the same name as the data file, and in the same location, it is already selected in the Structure File (optional) field. (If you had saved it elsewhere or named it differently, you would need to click Browse and select it.)

  4. Click Open Shared.

    The data file is opened in Shared mode, and the records are displayed using the record layouts in the structure file:

  5. Scroll through the records, and notice how the layout changes depending on the value in the MN-POSITION, EX-POSITION, and EM-POSITION fields.