Visual COBOL Installation Options

To install Visual COBOL you run vcvs2019_50.exe which contains a number of product .msi files (Windows Installer packages). When run, vcvs2019_50.exe performs some initial system checks then sequentially installs the .msi files.

Note: The following applies to vcvs2019_50.exe when installing the product for Visual Studio 2019.

vcvs2019_50.exe can take a number of parameters, enabling you to specify a number of different types of installation:

To see what parameters you can use, execute the following from the command line: vcvs2019_50.exe /?.

  • Log files that are created during installation are saved in the folder specified by the TEMP environment variable. To change the location or name of the files, use the /log parameter on your setup command line and specify the path and file name, for example: filename /log d:\temp\log.txt. This creates a log file, named log.txt, in the d:\temp directory.