Generate COBOL and WPF Clients

Walks you through the process of setting client generation properties, generating COBOL and WPF clients for the MakeCheckAppt Web service, and building the WPF client project in preparation for debugging.
Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.
Restriction: For service interfaces, the Microsoft Visual Studio Shell supports the generation of console clients only. To generate any other type of client, you must install a full version of Visual Studio.

You can now generate clients to access the MakeCheckAppt service that you deployed to the ESSOAP enterprise server instance.

Set Client Generation Properties

The generation process automatically produces a console client; however, you can set an option that enables the additional generation of a WPF client.

  1. From Visual COBOL, click Tools > Options.
  2. Expand Micro Focus; then click Service Interfaces.
  3. Check WPF Application; then click OK.

Generate Clients

  • From the Solution Explorer, right-click the MakeCheckAppt service interface; then select Generate Clients from the context menu.
You can watch the generation process in the Output window. When it is complete, you'll see the message "Generation succeeded". You should see that two projects have been added to the Solution Explorer:
  • MakeCheckApptClientApp - the COBOL client.
  • MakeCheckApptWPFApp - the WPF client.

Each new project contains the client files required to successfully access the MakeCheckAppt service now running on the ESSOAP enterprise server.

Build the WPF Client Project

You need to build a client project before running it. Because you will be debugging using the WPF client, you must first build its project:

  • On the Solution Explorer, right-click the MakeCheckApptWPFApp project; then click Build.