Working with Multiple COBOL Managed Projects

A single Visual Studio solution can be comprised of many projects. The solution created using the SQL Server Database Project template provides one COBOL Managed Class Library project; however, you might prefer to organize your code across multiple projects. For example, you could put all your stored procedure code into one managed COBOL project, and create a separate distinct COBOL Managed Class Library project in which to keep your SPD files and their associated generated COBOL wrappers. You could also add a COBOL native project that calls your stored procedure from a batch job. You might even want a separate COBOL managed project for each stored procedure!

Important: Each COBOL Managed Class Library project you include in the solution must be referenced by the .Publish project in the same solution. This ensures that all the code executed by stored procedures is appropriately deployed to SQL Server. See To add a project reference to a .Publish project for instructions.