Troubleshooting Test Coverage

Note: This facility is supported in native COBOL only.
If you have any problems with test coverage, check the following issues and follow the suggestions.
TCReport Cannot find the .idy file
Set COBIDY to the location of the .idy file.
No results file has been produced
Ensure your environment variable is pointing to a valid .tcf file, and that your .tcf file contains a results line.

Ensure you have compiled your program with the TESTCOVER directive set.

Ensure you have exited from the program you are running. The results are only written when the program has exited. If you are debugging a program, you must stop the debugger if it is still active, even when a Stop Run has been encountered. If your program terminates abnormally, the results are not written.

"IDY file cannot be found" error is produced
Ensure you still have the .idy file and source for this compiled version of the program. If you have run another compilation, they will have been overwritten.

If you do have them, and they cannot be located, set COBIDY and COBCPY as necessary to the location of the .idy file.

No source lines are appearing
Ensure that your results file is in the location you were expecting. If you have not specified a directory before the name of the results file in the .tcf file and you are running from a command prompt, the results file will be placed in the directory from which the command line was run, which is not necessarily the same location as the programs. If you are running from the IDE, the results file will be placed in the project folder alongside the application file. You must, therefore, be careful to run your programs from the correct location, or to specify the required directory in the .tcf file.
Not all of the results are being shown, or mismatches are occurring
Ensure that the .cbl or .cpy and .idy files that were used at compile time are still available, and that TCReport can find them. You might need to set COBIDY to the location of the .idy file.
Mismatches are occurring
Ensure you have not recompiled your program, thus overwriting the .idy file so that a mismatch will be given on the source lines in the original .tcz file.

Ensure you do not have different compile versions of a program with the same name in different locations.