The FILEMAXSIZE option specifies the number of bytes used internally to store file offsets.

This also affects locking mechanisms: programs sharing the same file all need to use the same FILEMAXSIZE settings to ensure semaphores and record locks are handled correctly, thereby avoiding potential file corruption in shared files.


FILEMAXSIZE = { 4 } { 8 }


Limits file addressibility to 32-bit values, which is compatible with earlier versions of Micro Focus products.
Allows up to 64-bit values for file addressing on Windows platforms when accessing the NTFS file system, but changes the underlying record locking mechanism. Therefore, if you are sharing very large files (greater than 1Gb in size) all programs accessing the file must use FILEMAXSIZE set to 8 to avoid possible corruption problems.


Default: 8


Note: Do not set FILEMAXSIZE to 8 under any of the following circumstances:
  • You are running applications on an operating system which does not support a 64-bit file system.
  • You are running applications that access FAT file systems, since such file systems do not support file addressibility greater than 32-bit file addressing.
  • If any accessing program needs to access a shared file in a 32-bit file system.
  • You are sharing files with applications using earlier versions of the Micro Focus COBOL product that only supported 32-bit file access.

Set FILEMAXSIZE to 4 in these scenarios.

All applications accessing a file must run with the File Handler configured with the same value for FILEMAXSIZE.

If you are requesting 64-bit file access to an unknown remote file system, ensure you set the remote_64bit_access tunable.

Only 32-bit (4GB) support is provided for Novell systems.