Example Integrated Preprocessor

Note: The Integrated Preprocessor is supported for native COBOL only.

A sample integrated stackable preprocessor application, is available in the Visual COBOL Samples Browser under COBOL > Preprocessor. For instructions on how to start the Visual COBOL Samples Browser, see To start the Samples Browser; then follow the instructions in the sample readme to build and debug the preprocessor.

The example preprocessor can be used as a basis for other preprocessors, and demonstrates the following:

Specification of the Example Preprocessors

The example preprocessor recognizes and processes several verbs as follows:

  • MOV is converted to MOVE
  • DIS is converted to two lines, the first being a DISPLAY of a blank line and the second containing the original line with the word DIS replaced by DISPLAY
  • RETRIEVE is converted to COPY, and is expanded by the preprocessor