Omitted-argument Condition

The omitted-argument condition determines whether an argument was provided to a function, method, or program.

General Format

data-name-1 IS [ NOT ] OMITTED

Syntax Rules

  1. Data-name-1 must be a formal parameter defined in the source element in which this condition is specified.

General Rules

  1. The result of the OMITTED test is true if one of the following conditions applies:
    1. If the OMITTED phrase, rather than an identifier or literal, is specified as the argument corresponding to data-name-1 in the statement that activated this program, function, or method
    2. The argument corresponding to data-name-1 was a trailing argument that was omitted from the activating statement
    3. If the argument corresponding to data-name-1 is itself a formal parameter for which the omitted-argument condition is true.
  2. When used, NOT and the keyword OMITTED specify one condition to be executed for truth values.