Run the Trace Player from the Command Line

The format of the command line is:

cobfhrepro2/cobfhrepro3 [options]

Use cobfhrepro2 when you are using the FCD2 data structure and cobfhrepro3 when you are using FCD3.

The options specified on the command line define the operation to be carried out by the Trace Player. The following options are available:

Replays all the operations in one session, where num is the session ID. If num = 0, all the operations in all the sessions are replayed.
Displays arguments; use in conjunction with /d
Displays the trace information for each operation in I/O number order
Ends the replay at the I/O number op-num
Displays the files needed for a replay
Trace a specific file
Pauses the replay at the I/O number op-num; press Enter to continue
Displays only operations that fail and final status

If you run the Trace Player with no options, it creates the script that plays back each session in session order and informs you of the script's name. You must do this before every invocation of the script.