A_ODBC_QUOTE_IDENTIFIERS tells the Database Connectors product whether to test for the IDENTIFIER-QUOTE-CHAR, and to use it if it is found. If this variable is nonzero, and if the driver returns information about the IDENTIFIER-QUOTE-CHAR, all identifiers sent in SQL to the driver will be quoted. This is useful for using Microsoft Excel, for example, if the spreadsheet has column names with quotes or other strange characters. Notice that some drivers mistakenly report that they can handle quoted identifiers, which is why this variable is needed.

If you set this variable to a nonzero value, and start getting errors table not found or column not found, this variable should not be used when communicating with that driver.

The default value is 0 (or OFF, FALSE, or NO). This configuration variable can also take values of ON, TRUE, or YES.


This variable is useful with Oracle, this variable is not recommended.

See Mixed-case SQL Identifiers for information on using mixed-cased identifiers.