Filter the Data File

You can filter the records displayed based on one or more criteria within the record.

  1. In the Filter group, click The Filter icon(Filter).

    The Filter dialog box appears.

    Filters are constructed by adding one or more sets of conditions.

  2. Click New Ref.

    The basic reference elements appear.

  3. In the Field fields, enter 10 as the start position, and 3 as the number of positions on from that in which to filter within each record.

    Refmod option in the Filter dialog box

  4. Ensure the Operator field is set to =.
  5. In the Value field, enter "Mr ".
    Note: Ensure that you include the space shown at the end of the string.
  6. Click New Field.

    The basic field elements appear.

    Note: The New Field option is only available when a structure file has been applied to the data file.
  7. Click to the right of EM-POSITION and select MN-AGE.
    Restriction: The filter does not differentiate between corresponding structure fields in different structures, which means for the current file, EM-AGE, MN-AGE, and EX-AGE are all seen as equivalent, and all of their values will be used when filtering the records.
  8. Change the Operator field to <.
  9. In the Value field, enter 40.
  10. Ensure that the criteria selector is set to AND.

    This means that only records that match both criteria are displayed.

  11. Click Filter.

    The results filter on the records for all male employees under 40 years of age.

  12. To remove the filter, click in the Filter group and select None.

    All records in the data file are redisplayed.